little house in Paris

// 50m from canal Saint-Martin, in the heart of Paris...
/// In our courtyard, hidden at the end of a private alley...

Paris' tips & reminders

Small Reminders
(To avoid "I should have asked before we left")

*   Electric outlets in France (220 volts) may not be the same as the ones you have at home.
*   Local time is given in "24h a day" frame:
"6.00 pm" is "18h".
*   There's no tipping obligation
*   In a restaurant, if you really enjoyed the meal/service, you can leave a small tip, but 10% or 15% above the bill is not expected, since customarily tips are included in the price of the meal.
*   A weekly public transportation card
is convenient and cost-effective. It goes from Monday
to Sunday. Bring a small photo.

In case you were wondering :
*   French people are generally nice; even Parisians
are nicer than is often thought; but…
*   Restaurant service may be impatient:
this is NOT personal nor particularly against tourists,
we experience it ourselves everyday and that is one
of the reasons we enjoy so much... travelling abroad
*   Avoid asking "Do you speak English?" - As some French people believe that perfection is possible.
Also some Parisians may be reluctant to admit that they do speak english, even when they can manage quite well.
Our suggestion is: simply try to speak in French (broken or not)... the Parisian always appreciates the effort and the rest will take care of itself.



Check avaibility

Do not hesitate to ask for any practical information, maps and tourist guide before your arrival by e-mail, or while you stay at the house.



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